Pyrolave Rainscreen

Case Study 3: Flats, Berwick St, London W1

Architect: Squire & Partners
Client: Berwick Street Properties Limited
Main Contractor: Blenheim House Construction
This residential and commercial mix sits in the centre of Soho, London, W1.
The façade uses a mixture of Coleford Handmade facing bricks, glazing and Pyrolave. Squire & Partners were originally looking for glazed bricks in six different colours, in a spectrum ranging from bottle green to lime yellow. Pyrolave was the perfect choice as Squire & Partners could simply pick six RAL colours and get the exact shades of colour they wanted and the planners were equally pleased.
As glazed bricks were the precedent, Pyrolave was cut to brick slip size and bonded onto the susbstrate, as on this occasion, the slips were only 15mm thick.
Squires had wanted to use Pyrolave externally for years and now they had their chance, with a stunning façade right in the heart of the west end!

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