Pyrolave Rainscreen

Unique in its appearance, the depth of this glaze is truly remarkable. Typically 30mm thick when used for cladding, Pyrolave Rainscreen is sold as a system in conjunction with our fixing system. Unglazed lava has been used as a façade material for many years, and there are examples in France of buildings which have used glazed lava, that are over 50 years old and still looking fresh and new.
The lava is quarried in France, where large basalt blocks are extracted and then cut into large slabs. It can be cut to almost any size for your project, even sizes as large as 2600x1400mm. When working with cladding, we typically work on the maximum size of 1200x900mm, while the smaller size of 900x600mm is one of the most common and most cost-effective options.
Prolave Glazed Volcanic Lava
Unlike a lot of bright cladding materials, this vitreous and glass-like glaze will not change its appearance over time and dull or fade.
Lava is an excellent medium for glazing, because the basaltic lava and the vitreous glaze are chemically very similar and once fired, it is impossible to remove the glaze without breaking the lava body.
There are cheaper façade materials, like modern ceramics and glazed terracotta, but none can rival Pyrolave Rainscreen in its strength and unique appearance.



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