October 2015

South Street, Lewes, East Sussex, UK

JustFacades.com is always keen to get media coverage, and were even happier with the chance to be on our favourite television programme too.

But a friend warned us not to do it, as it was bound to go wrong, and guess what… it did!

  1. The raw material was the hardest corten alloy Imar have ever worked with. Corten has a massive tolerance for hardness and this was extremely hard, so hard that when Imar expanded it with a knife, some of the strands broke and Imar needed to order extra raw material.
  2. Unfortunately, due to the above (hardness) issue, some of the delivered pieces were outside Imar’s stated tolerance in length, but Imar was happy to replace them all.
  3. The good news is that this gave the architect the opportunity to ask us to make the replacements bigger, as opening sizes were actually larger than expected due to building tolerance.

And look at all the corten they got for only £20,000 (facade and roof)!

Despite the difficulties, with hard work and perseverance, everything worked out well. We are proud to have been involved in this very interesting and unique property in Lewes, East Sussex.


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