March 2015


London’s Best New Projects on display March 2015 at The Building Centre Store St, London WC1

This was truly amazing. Of the 144 projects shortlisted on display, 85 were actually built and 59 were at the drawing board phase. is proud to have supplied 10% of those in the built category - fantastic! And that doesn't even take into account those that are still on the drawing board!

The 144 projects on display were selected as the best of their kind by an international jury, advised by a team of expert assessors. NLA Chairman and Chair of the jury Peter Murray said: “These awards reflect the amazing richness of architecture on offer in London right now – from a candle lit theatre to Olympic Legacy pool, from refurbished housing to a new city quarter. They provide an example of the sort of quality we should be delivering right across the capital in buildings large and small, low and tall.” is proud to have supplied : Wembley WC Pavilion, Channing school, Vivo and So Stepney, Curtain Road, London South Bank Uni, Uni of East London, Winkley St, and The Brick House.

There may have been more but Justin had to rush as he was parked at a meter!


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