January 2017
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Our passion when we are not working or looking after our families is our charities.

JustFacades.com proudly donates a proportion of its profits every year to the two charities below.

And we decided it was about time we visited them as it’s usually nice and quiet in the first week of January.

We stayed in Kids of Africa Uganda for a week and were treated like VIP’s, we then flew back via Nairobi to visit Zelyn Academy in Kibera Slum.

Please visit http://www.kids-of-africa.com/en and http://friendsofzelyn.webeden.co.uk to learn more about the great work done by both of these charities.

We saw this first hand in Uganda: Kids of Africa enables hundreds of disadvantaged schoolchildren and around a hundred orphans to get a better future. We give them another chance, in the hope than in the future, they will be not a burden, but an example. Most things with us start with security, love and education. And once the children have acquired the necessary self-confidence and the strength to stand on their own two feet, they eventually leave us – as young adults who have been given the help they need to turn a spiral of poverty into a position of opportunity. This is what we are all about.

And we witnessed this first hand in Kenya: Kibera occupies approximately one square mile of land and it is estimated that it houses approximately one million residents which equates to 60% of the total population of Nairobi. There are more than 100,000 children orphaned by the AIDS virus and many are living with their siblings, with one parent or a guardian who is infected by AIDS. Overcrowding in housing is the norm and to such a degree that some residents have the equivalent of one metre floor space per person. The majority of children sleep on unfolded cardboard boxes on the floor of the one roomed shanties.


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