Our passion when we are not working or looking after our families is our charities. proudly donates a proportion of its profits every year to the two charities below.

Why are we telling you this? Well quite simply we are taught "it’s better to give than to receive" and it’s so true.

Please visit their websites to learn a little more or ask us!

Kids of Africa

Founded by one of Justin’s best friends Burkhard Varnholt (a Swiss Banker) 12 years ago, Burkhard says:
Love, security and education for children in need of protection. That is what we are about. Simply because it seems like the right thing to do.
Based near Kampala, the capital of Uganda.
Please visit for more information or to make a donation.

Welicar Educational Centre, Kenya

We came across this charity via Children in Need nearly 8 years ago now. Elisha Ooga and his family have since become good friends. Elisha says:
Our mission is to help combat the recurrent cycle of poverty within the Kibera slum community through the nurturing of its children. Our undertaking is to facilitate orphaned and destitute slum children to realize their full potential in life through the provision of a good education and by tending to their physical, psychological and spiritual needs.
Based in Kibera Slum, Niarobi the Capital of Kenya
Please visit for more information or to make a donation.

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